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STOY Again Again is a delay pedal that has been specifically designed to provide a delay with a very short time (0-200ms) also called a slapback type and a longer delay (200-400ms) that is warm and lush. The signal is subtly degrading on the repeats which gives you a lo-fi kind of sound. With the oscillator footswitch and the exp. input you can provide chaotic mayhem, ambient landscape and crazy noise art for your music. Works great with other effects.
The Again Again has a soft-click footswitch so no worries about popping sounds or sore feet, if you prefer to play barefooted.


  • Level: Adjusts the overall volume of the delay effect
  • Short/Shorter Switch: Switch between 0-200ms and 200-400ms
  • Repeat: Adjusts the number of delay effect repetitions
  • Time control: Adjusts the length of the delay
  • On/off Switch: Turn the pedal on or off
  • Oscillator Switch: Turned on, it makes the delay self oscillate without stopping
  • Power Requirements: DC9V
  • Current Consumption: 100mA
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All STOY products are designed, developed and tested in Denmark.

Care for your pedal

Dust, direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity can damage this unit

Use all controls with care, not your foot, and be careful not to drop the unit

No water or solvents are to be used to clean this unit as this is a sensitive electronic device

Wipe only with a soft dry cloth



Again Again Delay
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