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STOY Low End is an analog Octave pedal based around an early well known Multiplexer, but with slightly better tracking and in our opinion better overall sound. It works equally well on both Guitar and bass. Dial in the perfect octave sound with the high and bass filters, and if you want to go really low, engage the sub octave. The Sub-Octave delivers deep, phat bass tones one octave below the notes you play. Put your favorite fuzz in front, a chorus after, and you are instantly in deep synthesiser territory. This is a monophonic pedal and it works best on single notes but also sounds great with power chords for a wobbly and crazy sound. The Low End has a soft-click footswitch so no worries about popping sounds or sore feet, if you prefer to play barefooted.


  • Blend: This is for wet/dry control
  • High Filter: Adjusts a filter that will shape the tone of the sub-octave’s higher order harmonics
  • Bass Filter: Adjusts a filter that will shape the tone og the sub-octaves ́s fundamental and lower order harmonics. (Please note: The Bass Filter knob is only active when the sub switch is set to on)
  • SUB Switch: Switches the Bass filter in and out
  • Power Requirements: 9V
  • Current Consumption: 50mA
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All STOY products are designed, developed and tested in Denmark.

Care for your pedal

Dust, direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity can damage this unit

Use all controls with care, not your foot, and be careful not to drop the unit

No water or solvents are to be used to clean this unit as this is a sensitive electronic device

Wipe only with a soft dry cloth



Low End Monophonic Octaver
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