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STOY Roaring Bulb is both a clean boost and a heavy overdrive in one pedal. Use the clean side of the pedal to push your clean amp into overdrive territory and the overdrive/distortion side for your lead or full on distortion tone. If you have a one channel amp you will gain a three channel amp with this pedal. We think the clean side does color the pure signal, but in a very pleasing and enhancing way. It stacks very well with other drive pedals as well.
The overdrive side can go from light crunch to fuzz distortion, so a very versatile pedal. It is delivered with a 12 volt ac adapter so it can deliver the right warm and rich sounding tubetone you would expect from a tube pedal.


  • Level: Volume control for the output signal
  • Gain: Adjusts the amount of gain on the overdrive side
  • High: Adjusts the treble frequencies from none to ear piercing, glass shattering high frequencies
  • Low: Adjusts the bass frequencies from none to a roaring low end
  • Power Requirements: AC12V (use only the provided power supply or one similar)
  • Current Consumption: 30mA
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All STOY products are designed, developed and tested in Denmark.

Care for your pedal

Dust, direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity can damage this unit

Use all controls with care, not your foot, and be careful not to drop the unit

No water or solvents are to be used to clean this unit as this is a sensitive electronic device

Wipe only with a soft dry cloth



Roaring Bulb Tube clean boost and overdrive
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